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Product Information

Water Jet Cutting is a process of machining utilising water & abrasives that are pressurised to create a ‘beam’ of fluid that will cut through almost any material. The water is pressurised at up to 4000 bar (60,000 psi) and then forced through a directional nozzle. Abrasives within the solution ensure that the cut is swift and smooth with minimal edge burring and no material deformation. We can use this process to cut any material from paper, rubber, foam right through to graphite, marble & ceramics.

Water Jet Cut

Why Water Jet Cutting?

This technique has many benefits over traditional cutting methods. Here are the key benefits:

  • No cutting tools required
  • No material discolouration
  • No heat distortion or discolouration
  • No product burring
  • Suitable for polished surfaces
  • Cuts virtually any sheet material
  • 3m x 1.5m cutting area
  • Accuracy to 0.1mm
  • Suitable for material up to 100mm thick
  • Ideal for production of prototypes
  • No second operation finishing required
  • Suitable for long or short production runs
  • Tight radii cuts achieved accurately & reliably
  • Suitable for complex 2D or even 3D shapes
  • Cost savings achieved through nesting of same or different components

Die Cutting

GP Products are high quality manufacturers of cut components in all non-metallic materials. Located in Littlehampton, West Sussex, our modern production facility is equipped with CNC cutting machinery and equipment that ensures cost effective solutions for any users of Die Cut Shapes. We manufacture cut parts from a wide range of stock materials for a multitude of applications.

Our investment in ‘state of the art’ equipment (from rapid cutting auto presses to 2mtr x 900mm bed cutting presses) ensures that you will always be supplied with first class products at economical prices.

Our technical sales team will be pleased to assist whether you require a few prototypes or millions of components each year.

We carry large stocks of raw materials to ensure that production deadlines are met and Just-In-Time delivery of your requirements can be accommodated. Click here to check our regular stock materials; we regularly manufacture components from this impressive range.

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